Yahoo mail access issue

In case you are experiencing issue with yahoo mail when Spamdrain can not connect to your email server, you could see the following error message:

"Could not log on to the server. User name or a password is incorrect. "

The message could appear even when you are 100 % sure in correct email address and a password. In this case, please try to do the following:

 -  sign in to your Yahoo account 

 - Turn on "Allow apps that use less secure sign in"

 - go back to your Spamdrain account and sign in to your Yahoo account again.


You may also need to start the filtering again since it's automatically paused when we cannot sign in for a while.

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    No! It didn’t fix anything!

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    Hi Margaret,

    We have replied to your ticket. 

    Please check it and reply if there is further assistance needed. 


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