Apple two-factor authentication solution


Apple has updated their policy regarding two factor verification. On June 15th (2017) it became required for non Apple software (like Spamdrain) to access iCloud services (e.g. mail). This means that you will need to create a special password for Spamdrain in order to allow our servers to access your mail.

If you have two factor authentication disabled, please feel free to enable it and create a special password for Spamdrain to log in. Newly created password should be entered in the password field at your Spamdrain's settings page. Just click on the added email address, update the settings with new password and click on Save.

App specific passwords allow you to sign in to your account securely when you use Spamdrain. In order to get the password, please refer to the following step by step guide from Apple:

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    I keep getting this when trying to set up my mail;

    Could not log on to server. Your provider said: [AUTHENTICATIONFAILED] AUTHENTICATION FAILED.


    Please help!!!




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    Hi Susan,

    As we can see, the filtering of your email address is working with no errors. 

    Please check it from your side and contact our support if there are any further questions. 


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