I cannot order regular Spamdrain, only Spamdrain+, why?

If you already have Spamdrain+ you will not be able to order regular Spamdrain since your account first needs to be downgraded. Please contact us if you want us to downgrade your account. Note This can only be done if you only have one user, not are using domain filtering and not collect email through pop.spamdrain.net or imap.spamdrain.net. Peronal support will neither be included in Spamdrain, only in Spamdrain+.

More info: Spamdrain vs Spamdrain+

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    Why is Cherylk1028@sbcglobal.net not filtering

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    Hi Cheryl,


    There is no Cherylk1028@sbcglobal.net email address added to the filtering. 

    Please check your added email addresses at the settings page and let us know if there is further assistance needed. 

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