Why am I still receiving spam, even though my domain is filtered by SpamDrain?

The reason is that the spammers sometimes ignore the changes you made to the MX records for your domain. Instead they continue to use your old mail server when they send spam to your domains. Not all spammers do this and most of the time you just have to wait some extra time before the spammers start to use the new MX which points to SpamDrain's servers. Nevertheless, we always recommend that you add some rules to the firewall which protects your mail server. This should be done only after the change of the MX records has been propagated through out the Internet - this usually happens after a couple of days.

Configure your mail server's firewall so that only SpamDrain's servers may connect to the mail server. This means that only the following IP addresses should be allowed to connect to TCP port 25 on your mail server: - (

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    I have no idea what an MX is. Can you tell me this in layman English so I can understand it. I am not a computer person but your spam drain is now allowing more spam to come through than you are blocking.  This service is of no use to me and not what it used to be.

    in real English how do I get these so many new spams from stopping to come through. They are coming all day long in large amounts,


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    MX records are needed to be changed in case of domain filtering. Unfortunately we cannot find your email address under the domain filtering and under the basic subscription type. 

    Please make sure you have added your email address to the filtering and feel free to contact our support in case of further questions. 

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