Prevent Yahoo from moving spam to Junk mail folder

SpamDrain only filters the Inbox so if you want SpamDrain to filter messages that Yahoo moves to your Junk folder, you need to make sure they stay in your inbox. To do this, you can create a filter matching all messages and mark them to be delivered to your Inbox.

1. Go to options

2. Select filter

3. Create new filter

4. Create the filter matching all senders and click Save

Or, if you are using POP...

If you are using POP instead of IMAP you could instead make sure that spam is downloaded when your email is POPed. This requires that you are using POP3 in SpamDrain.

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    Jim W

    Unfortunately, this has not worked for almost a year. Yahoo totally ignores the "@" filter and still puts stuff in the bulk mail which is clearly spam and then forwards it.

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    Thank you for noticing that Jim,

    Please try to create a filter that matches @ in the sender and delivers the messages to Inbox. As far as we now this is the only way to make all your email go to the Inbox folder in yahoo mail. 

    In case you have any further questions or suggestions feel free to contact our support. 

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