Why has SpamDrain stopped working ?

First of all, make sure that your subscription has not expired. You can see this in the mobile app or when you log on to your account page at spamdrain.com.

If your subscription hasn't expired the problem probably is that SpamDrain hasn't been able to connect to or log on to your mail provider's server for some time. SpamDrain will try for a couple of days and then give up. SpamDrain will also send you an e-mail to notify you of the problem.

If you have changed log in details for your mailbox or if your mail provider has changed servers etc you need to update the settings for your filtered address. Please see below how this is done.

Using the webapp

Go to your Settings which you find in the upper right corner:

To the right you'll find your filtered addresses. Click the address to get to the settings:

Verify that the information we have is correct, especially the password. Click Save. SpamDrain will test the details to see if it can log on to your mailbox. If everything is OK SpamDrain should start to filter your mail again within a few minutes.

Start the filtering again by clicking the Play icon next to your address in the list.

Using the iOS and Android app

  1. Go to your Settings which you find in the upper right corner

  2. Choose Manage addresses

  3. Tap the address you want to change.
  4. Choose Edit if you just want to update your password or if you know the IMAP/POP3 settings and wish to update those. If you want to reconfigure the address entirely, instead choose Reconfigure.

  5. Spamdrain will try to verify your new settings when you Save. If successful it will be saved and you can Start the filtering again since it may still be paused.


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    Suddenly stopped working and I have tried countless times to get Spamdrain working. Please help... the suggestions above did not work.

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    HI... the man who hosts my websites said this: "Spam drain hammers the machine too frequently and its often seen by the server as a attack. so it gets blocked occaisionally. If you can find out what the IP addresses are of their servers I might be able to put
    a whitelist for it."
    Can you oblige?

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    Henric Müller

    If you are using POP3 Spamdrain connects about every 30 second to the mailbox yes. And some providers obviously think that's too often. If your provider supports IMAP I suggest you switch to that since then we can stay connected to the mailbox as a mail program often also does.
    You find our IP address in this help article:

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    nothing seems to be working... should I delete the email addresses and try them again as if they were new addresses?

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    Spamdrain has stopped filtering

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    Please contact our support here: support@spamdrain.com

    and we will have a closer look at the issue. 

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